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QPOS can convey informations to all your guests queries on the customer facing displays.

The training mode always works with a backup version of your cinema database to train your staff on the same configurations that they will be using live.

  • Fluid interface that will accelerate sales and transactions. Faster sales means smoother and smaller queues!
  • Intuitive design and a dedicated training mode that will guide anyone through a live transaction. Replace your cashier with an usher and still the magic works!
  • Superior hardware compatibility; the POS runs on a wide range of different terminals and hardware. You don’t have to change anything for our software!
  • Point of Sale software is powerful, efficient, and capable of complex ordering without confusion.



Keeps a full audit trail of transactions and users, and allows you to track, count, and deposit petty cash, revenue, and expenses from any additional sources that you can add at any time.

The End of Day process includes safety checks and ensures the day’s operations are complete, with Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) settlement processes, reconciliation of all remote sales devices, and posting and exporting to financial journals.

End of the day Cash-ups generally take hours for multiplex cinemas. With our process it faster by uploading multiple sessions at once without closing it one by one, auto selecting sessions with no sales allows quick clearance, bulk return multiple cash floats with just a click and all these adds p to saving a lot of time.

  • A high level of control over cash and treasury.
  • Track & Trace the movement of finance, receipts and the accountable person operating at the time and more.
  • Ensure that detailed day-to-day records are maintained adapting and applying the bestpractices in financial management.
  • Track and trace the issue and receipt of items of value – cash, checks, vouchers, gift cards, and more.
  • Can be accessed from your mobile or tablet anywhere in the cinema site.
  • Implement a full cash management workflow from opening a day, confirming the cinema fund balances, performing mid-shift counts, to closing and confirming the end of business day balances.
  • Everything is accurate and tracked flawlessly
  • Managers can perform multiple fund counts throughout the day to keep an eye on their cinema’s performance with accurate up to date KPIs for each Point of Sale operator’s sales session.
  • End of the day Cash-ups are easy and faster. Yes! With out compromise of accuracy!!

360 F&B

Features for service

Track your customer’s live location visually or with scheduled table and seat layouts within the cinema or restaurant.

Track your customer live within the cinema

Split or merge checks in a flash, with the versatility to transfer responsibility between staff, automatically associates ticket orders and food orders with the same seats.

Digital signage can display order numbers and food status. SMS or push notifications can also fire when food is ready.

Features for the Kitchen

Multiple kitchens and prep stations are in control with specific food routing and stock control, including support for display screens, bump bars & printers.

Real-time order updates from purchase to cancelation and preparation to schedule.

Create selling limited and real-time inventory tracking with full costing and reporting capabilities Prioritising the orders as per the schedule providing flexibility of timing for your kitchen. The kitchen has to fire up only when the customer needs the food to be served hot and on time.

360 F&B
  • Complete integration with POS and all sales channels - Yes! A one stop shop
  • Supports multiple F&B concepts at a single site - Lobby bar, restaurant, dine-in cinema and more.
  • Orders from all channels flow to the same kitchen system - also includes a comprehensive reports.
  • Instant communication of order status, as well as updates and cancellations to the kitchen team the moment they’re made. Yes! Keep your kitchen hot with speed and precision!
  • Helpful suggestions to Prompt up-selling - through all process of ordering.
  • Guests can order and customise their food via digital channels including Kiosk, Web, and Mobile. Need more lettuce? And no onion? wonderful!
  • Ordering from the cinema seats, at the Kiosk, from the POS, Web or Mobile.
  • Turn your waitstaff into sales specialists with prompts and suggestions for all up-selling opportunities, and guidance for providing - the best customer service and dining experience.



QScan works on wide range of windows OS.

A complete integration with POS to validate the guests entry.

Scan tickets with the built in camera of the mobile device.

QScan make the device mobile to use anywhere at any point.

  • Turn any mobile device in to a scanning unit using QScan, reducing the cost of multiple hardwares.
  • The ushers will have the power of necessary information for the guests like their name and seating information.
  • QScan can scan online bookings as well as physical tickets, no need for tickets to be collected from the box office.
  • Fast-track admission at peak times to reduce box office lines while still validating every ticket electronically.



QRegIt can easily be integrated with any environment or existing software.

Keeps a register of your guests details, purchases and interests.

Send news letters and details of the booked show or event.

  • QRegIt can easily plug & play in any existing software of eco system
  • Captures the necessary details of the guest to register for the event or to sign in as a registered user into the system.
  • With QRegIt know guests priorities and connect with them as and when required.
  • Know our customers better with their purchases and suggest similar up-sells in the future.
  • A very strong tool for SEO of your event, seminar, webinar or conference.



Bar coded cards with customised design & technology.

Real Time data and customised reports for all individual events.

  • Map your talent to the right location.
  • Make sure that the measures of security is maintained with just looking at the accreditation
  • Captures the necessary details of the temp team to ensure a complete accountability.



QMPOS can be configured from a central console and the update happens automatically in all the devices.

Ready to use with any mode of payments.

Integrated with the main POS to update and give realtime sales and information.

QMPOS can be customised for any sales on the go for cinemas, events, game zone.e.t.c

Integrated and customised with F&B, it can also be a mobile device to take orders.

  • QMPOS lets you operate multiple point of sales, away from the location at the same time.
  • QMPOS lets you break the queue of the Box office lets you setup multiple ticketing spots with out any hassle.
  • A quick and efficient service for your guests.
  • QMPOS can be deployed at the point of entrance or to promote sales in different venues.



A browser based application which can be access on a tablet.

Schedule tool that can create sessions for films currently on release and can be configured using automatic formatting and pricing with flexible rules, with precision

This bridges the gap between cinema Managers and Film Programmers.

The stock take functionality provides accurate & efficient way to validate stokes.

The site managers can check what is happening in their cinema at any given time.

With integration with 360 FinDesk, it give the site manager a complete visibility of the cash flow.

360 Show Master has many inbuilt pdf reports.

  • The site managers can be mobile and move around the site anywhere with the access of information and live updates at the tip of his/her fingers.
  • Designed with incorporating the feedback and requests from cinema site managers
  • Complete tasks with far greater ease, speed and accuracy.
  • Simplify all compress process with ease – from the running of end-of-day reports to the innovative ability to perform stock takes using the application,
  • Save time and effort with this miracle tool.