An Organised, Scalable, Measurable, Versatile & Global approach Capable to help your Box Office & Events for your Cinema, Theatre, Sports Arena, Concert Halls, Amusement & Leisure Parks. A solution that will give you insights of your daily business and running projects.

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360 Ticketing Overview

360 Ticketing is an "Enterprise Solution Platform" offering a complete range of ticketing services for Cinema, Events, Sports Events, Shows and Musical Concerts globally.

360 Ticketing is particularly intended for entrepreneurs to offer tickets online. Each element is customisable, to how you want it. Our visual interface makes it quick and simple for both the user and administrators. The Admin controls all back-end functionalities like movie/event subtle elements, ticket rate, show timings and deals history saved in a database along with the client data. The administrator can mine and generate counter-wise reports like day by day, week after week and month to month premise and activity report.

Our solutions are designed with deep understanding and industry insight from cinema owners & managers. Our modules are Plug & Play, fully Integrated quality assured solution driven by Customer Support, Management Information Systems and Business Analysis Team. A Simple, robust & future proofed modules that can be integrated to any future applications that you wish to use next.


Working with our solutions means:

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Quick Configuration

Add features without integration challenges. Ready to move in to production soon without confusion

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Ease of integration across all services to provide unique experience throughout customer lifecycle

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Highly Scalable

Asset management solutions and end-to-end workflow management of application on the cloud

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Customer Management

To address all customer centric business needs; enabling sales, digital marketing & loyalty management


Through our integrated solutions and services provide an enhanced customer experience. One Stop Solution & One Place Has It All. These solutions are also Stand Alone Applications (COTS Modules) that can be used as and when required and on demand. The integrated platform is tested and proven on various mobile platform and connected to social media to increase the digital footprint across the defined platforms to drive traffic to achieve 360 view of your business goals.


Online & Offline integrated solution to book tickets, plan seats, watch trailers, rate & review the films or events.

Ticket Printing

BOCA printers providing all the correct information for a smooth pass & defined privilege.


Validate & Track who is in and who bough what from the inventory


For planning meal & refreshments at the food court along with the ticket. When, where and whom to deliver clearly defined.


Add money through any electronic modes and experience reductions, money backs, offers, gifts, promo codes & also an auto pay amenity.


Distribute Wifi, define access, proximity marketing and usage study

Digital Marketing

Run unlimited SMS & email campaigns. Deliver quality content to FB, Insta, Twitter and entertainment blogs & websites.

Help Desk

An online CRM will help address all ticketing & customer inquiries. Works onsite & at a 3rd party location.


Industry Solutions

Capable to help your Box Office & Events for your Cinema, Theatre, Sports Arena, Concert Halls, Amusement & Leisure Parks. A solution that will give you insights of your daily business and running projects.

Designed to work diligently with the goal that your silver screen, stage, entertainment & event run easy & smooth.

Ticketing solutions
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Cinema & Entertainment

360 Ticketing is an Enterprise Solution Platform supporting end customers by offering customized ticketing solutions for cinema and entertainment industry.We offer best ticketing solution for all the industries.

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Event Management

360-Ticketing platform is a highly scalable, offering excited event goers easy access to all forms of sporting and entertainment events and committed to enhance the overall ticketing experience.

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360-Ticketing platform is highly reliable and integrated ticketing platform for sports industry that is cloud enabled and help to meet the present and prospective business requirements of our customers.

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Live Shows

360-Ticketing, specifically designed platform that offers an integrated and customized approach for ticket bookings for all the live shows and thereby, standing true to our customer's expectation.

360 Ticketing Overview