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Integrated e-commerce & Sales channels; making it suggestive for the planning, selecting & selling food and beverage. Also while they are in the cinema, sales of film merchandise, next movie they can watch, next release advance bookings and promotions & offers. You can also suggest seatfirst ordering to your guests into buying tickets for premium areas to enhance their movie experience. Upselling means more ticket value per head!

Above all, our suite has the ability to prompt guests to create Apple passbook and iOS Calendar events for their bookings. Yes! We value their hard earned money too!

Product web
  • A tailor made - Be Unique & Stand out!
  • Rich & Responsive website - We understand your vision!
  • Intuitive & responsive design - Comfort your guests and customer first!
  • Realtime updates - Precision & Accuracy is what you need!
  • No extra manpower - We do it all for you. Just tell us how you want it!
  • Hosting your website, Managed upgrades and around the clock load monitoring - Sit back and watch us play!
  • A powerful CMS with multiple payment options - Money comes in different forms!
  • Searching the films, seat & ticket selection, order baskets, and payments are always right - Basics are strong!
  • A Trusted, Protected and Secure payment gateway. A lot of money is great responsibility!