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The application is a one-stop shop for all bookings, allowing your customers to order tickets & satisfy their food and beverage cravings as well – even so far as providing the ability for in-seat delivery of their food.

Social sign ins can be enabled to engage your audiences from the start of the first booking to spreading the word on social media.

In-app feedback opportunities can be provided for your guests to provide their feedbacks and opinions to gather valuable insights, which will give you a broader understanding of what your demography requires in actual and and in-turn shaping the right app and experience for your customers.

Product mobile
  • Android & iOS compatible responsive web app - Yes! We believe in diversity
  • Intuitive design and ease of use will empower your guests to easily browse and access films, look for secession details, select seats, book & purchase tickets, order & schedule F&B, and review once the movie is done - Yes! All functionalities are self service.
  • Customisable the flow of booking anytime to prompt the seat- first ordering prior to closing the sale - Focus on new product & promotion to upsell!
  • All the features can be turned on and off with ease, making changes to the application automatically without the requirements of re-publishing to app stores to perform changes - No need to start all over again!
  • 3D secure with Kount anti-fraud, in-line with EUSCA regulations - Transaction is secure at both ends!