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Turn the the POS in to a Kiosk and vice versa with just a 180° swivel. This magic touch screen can change the way the business works.

The kiosk can be used in and out of the cinema and can be controlled remotely. Configuring your Kiosk for the right use and the right space is easy and adaptive, and can help drive engagement both in and out of your cinema.

Onsite (In the cinema)

The Kiosk can be setup a medium to promote and market for advertisers, a display unit for information of the current shows & timings, dimming soon movie trailers, skipping long queues, printing physical tickets; beyond ticketing, seat first and F&B booking. It can engage the consumer with the latest offers and concessions in the cinema.

Offsite (Outside of the cinema)

Offsite placement of a Kiosk will be an additional touchpoint for your cinema to connect with prospect guests. The kiosk can act as a promotion material and a medium for partner branding. With an internet connection, you can remotely operate and update the information and obtain live data from your cinema for guest purchases.

Product kiosk
  • Avoid long queues during rush periods
  • A self servicing booking, being & browsing screen
  • Deploy Kiosk as a promotional tool in places away from your cinema.
  • Engage your guests with visual interface with Displaying film details, trailers, session timings and above all follow through the intuitive procedures to purchase tickets for the show, select seats & plan their F&B in the cinema.
  • Option to order and modify the F&B
  • Physical ticket collection and printing made easy
  • Display promotions, offers, exclusive deals of the day and prompt upsells during ticket purchase.