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Easy to operate your own call centre or use a third-party service provider to give the same experience. It is very simple!

Integrated with sales channels like Web, Mobile & Kiosk, your guests can even cancel & get refunds through the call centre.

Product kiosk
  • Best in class practices to comfort your guests and give a warm experience.
  • Necessary prompts for the Helpdesk to ask the right questions to give your guests accurate answers and appropriate options.
  • With interrupted internet connection, your guests can always use this service to know the schedules, ticket availability, book tickets, select seats, order F&B and place cancellations.
  • Identify your customers the moment hey call by their phone number or a repeated customer by their name and mobile number.
  • A single system for all your locations that will improve your operational efficiency and reduce your staff.
  • Tailor made approach with your brand vision to ensure an optimal customer experience, solving your guests concerns, queries or issues.
  • Get in person feedbacks from your guests through your call centre staff.