Login Page

  • User can login themselves by entering valid username and valid password.
  • Click on Login button to continue as a user.
  • If the user gives the wrong password or username it gives an error message user can re-enter the valid username and password and continue with the login process.
  • Alternatively, the user can continue as Guest to book his tickets if he does not want to log in
Login page

Register Page

  • Register page
  • User can register by enterring required details.
  • User must fill his/her details (Email, Name and Phone number) to proceed for booking.
register page

Home page

  • After signing in POP Corn home screen will appear.
  • Home Screen has many categories.
  • User has access to open
  • POP Corn: To sell food and beverages at the counter.
  • Reports: To check daily sales and stock reports.
  • Log out: To end the session.


  • Once User click on POP Corn icon the above screen will appear.
  • User can view the list of F&B categories.
  • User can view the various products in that particular category.
  • User can select different items by clicking on the items.
  • List of all selected items with price and quantitywill appear on the screen.
  • User can click on Pay icon to complete the billing.
Bill board


  • User can select the payment type i.e. Cash or Card etc
  • User can enter the amount given by the customer.
  • To complete the billing process user can click onOKicon.


  • Users can restart the billing process freshly again.
  • Users can removeany item from the selected items.
  • Users can reverse the bill but admin should give his credentials for this process.
  • Users can reprint the bill if the customer has any queries.

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