The primary goal of this platform is to provide users an easy online ticket booking platform for Movies/ Events/ Leisure/Sports that allow user to check available events, newly released movies, trending, top rated movies etc.. The product will help customers from web application and mobile application aspect.

Users can easily view different movies which are in cinemas currently, upcoming movies/ events and book tickets for themselves, user is allowed to choose cinema/theatre in which they wish to watch. User is allowed to choose their preferrable show time and comfortable seats for them. Multiple and secured payment methods are provided.

Login Page

  • User can login themselves by entering valid username and valid password.
  • Click on Login button to continue as a user.
  • If the user gives the wrong password or username it gives an error message user can re-enter the valid username and password and continue with the login process.


User can register themselves to 360 Ticketing by selecting signup option and provide their details and click on Sign up button for successful registration.


Home page

  • Customer: User can login/signup/login with facebook.
  • Country selection: Select country to quick start.
  • My bookings: Displays previous bookings, current bookings that are made by customer.
  • Trending: Displays the list of trending movies on selection of the movie it will direct user to the movie booking screen.
  • Top IMDB rated: Displays the list of top IMDB rated movies.
  • 360 Ticketing recoomends: Displays the 360 Ticketing recommendations.
  • Upcoming: Displays upcoming movies.
  • Movies: Displays movie listing page and allows the user to proceed to book tickets.
Home page


User can select the event that they want to book tickets for



  • Book Now: On clicking on the event user will be able to check the movie details which includes Synopsis, Venue and duration of that event.
  • Once the user selects the event, they can check the event description which includes the following details
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location: User can know venue of the event and locate on map.
  • Ticket Type: User can know the ticket type general, gold
  • Add to calender: User can add event to their calender.
  • Share: User can share about the event on social media.
  • User can know if the parking is available at the venue.
  • User can find the contact details for any queries.


  • Book Tickets Now : User shall select number of tickets from their preferred ticket type.
  • User can increase or decrease the number of tickets.
  • By clicking on pay now user will be directed to payment gateway page.

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